India’s FarmDash Platform

Oct 29, 2021

Indian farmers have something much better than Amazon Prime. It’s a fast-growing, agritech platform startup called DeHaat. And it does a lot more than just get the products they need to their door.

DeHaat just scored $115M in Series D funding, making it India’s biggest-ever AgTech round.

The mother of all farm apps: It’s a LinkedIn, Amazon, crop monitoring tool, and a place to sell their products, all in one app.

AKA full-stack agritech platform: It links smallholder farmers across India with 850 input vendors, agronomists, distributors, financing options, and other service providers.

DeHaat serves 650,000 farmers and has over 3,000 micro-entrepreneurs: the folks who provide delivery of inputs and other products to farmers and collect their produce for delivery onwards.

Casting a wide net: “We at DeHaat are on a mission to build the world’s largest agritech platform,” noted Shashank Kumar, co-founder and CEO.

With agriculture making up 58% of the Indian population’s primary source of livelihood, DeHaat has a prime market to build out a robust ag e-commerce platform.