AcreValue Finds a New Home

Oct 5, 2021

More often than not, life boils down to who you know more than what you know.

Ag-Analytics would probably agree with that and might even cite it as one of the reasons they recently acquired the farmland research platform AcreValue.

Crunching numbers: AcreValue serves up data and information about soil, crop history, and value of a piece of land. Armed with that research, farmers can stay informed around things like sustainability and land productivity.

The acquisition was announced right at the end of Q3 in a transaction that will see AcreValue move from Granular, a subsidiary of Corteva, to the Ag-Analytics family.

The move has implications beyond just strengthening Ag-Analytics’ offering as well. It was also announced that Ag-Analytics would form strategic alliances with Farmer Mac and Indigo Ag, in an effort to provide more financing options and carbon-neutral opportunities for growers.

While we are here: AcreValue isn’t alone in the recent acquisition space. Fellow ag land innovator FarmlandFinder was recently acquired by EasyKnock.