Taliban Takeover Spells Trouble for Farmers

The U.S. is out, and the Taliban is in (again). Amid the humanitarian crises witnessed over the past several weeks, the Afghan people are now facing another looming problem: agricultural instability and food insecurity. In a country where 70% of people live in rural areas, agriculture is a BIG deal —providing livelihoods for over 80% of […]

From Amazon to The Amazon, With Love

Amazon is investing in the Amazon Rainforest. Sounds about right. The international conglomerate worth more than $300B is teaming up with The Nature Conservancy to create a more sustainable income for farmers in Brazil while finding solutions to climate change. They’ve named the initiative the Agroforestry and Restoration Accelerator to help restore cattle pastures to native forest ground […]

Milk Production and Prices Looking Skim

The milk production outlook for the next couple years isn’t as full-fat as anticipated. The USDA skimmed down its 2021 and 2022 milk production forecasts slightly in its August World Ag Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) report. Lower cow numbers, larger supplies, and weakening demand were behind the reduction. The 2021 milk production forecast lands at 228.1 […]

Drought Puts Beef on the Brink

Desperately dry conditions across North America are driving ranchers to sell off their cattle—leaving their futures in question. Cashing out cows is an effort to cut back on mouths to feed from land that’s too dry to graze or yielding disappointing hay crops. In some regions of hard-hit Oregon, where early irrigation shut-offs sent shockwaves, hay prices have […]

Vilsack Soundbites

Mad cow disease has spontaneously popped up in two separate locations in Brazil and the “atypical” cases have halted Brazilian beef exports to China. China and Brazil have an animal health pact that allows Beijing to evaluate the problem, halt imports, and decide when they want to resume imports. Beef export buster: China and Hong Kong buy more […]

Banking on Fish Farming

Grab a bottle of tartar sauce and slip on a pair of shades—the future of fish farming is bright. Seafood sensation: According to the UN, global fish consumption has jumped an average of 3.1% annually since 1961, outpacing consumption of all other animal proteins combined. And it’s not slowing down: projections foresee a $245.2B global market by 2027. Asia […]

Fieldin is Groundbreakin’

Thanks to ag digital startup Fieldin, farmers could gain a sixth sense. Fieldin, founded in 2013, has raised $55M to help specialty crop operations improve efficiencies by giving them access to info they couldn’t have seen with the naked eye. The U.S. and Israel-based company helps orchards, vineyards, and other specialty crop operations use real-time data (via […]

Ida Blows Up Trouble for Ag

Hurricane Ida has left devastation in her wake, and that includes the agriculture industry. Long story short… she’s idled the largest producer of glyphosate, blew ag exports off course, and shuttered sugar plants. First up: Bayer Crop Science’s Luling, La., glyphosate plant remained offline as of Monday after a small emergency crew sheltered in place in the locked-down […]

Ida’s Impact on Ag

Ida has arrived and she’s not a pleasant houseguest. The storm roared onto U.S. soil Sunday with 150-mph winds, leaving over 1M+ homes and businesses without power. Despite its downgraded status to a tropical storm, Ida continued to wreak havoc on Gulf Coast levees, too. And for agriculture, the timing is less than ideal. A bummer […]

Tractor Sales Tracking Up

Farm equipment sales are still in overdrive, a welcome sign for equipment manufacturers. Commercial tractor sales in the 100+ horsepower category are up 38.2% year-to-date since July 2020 and combine sales are also up 19.2%. Soundbite: “You look at commodity prices and farmer attitudes and that gives you a pretty good indication of where ag is. I think this […]