EPA Steps Up to the ESA Plate

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is opening a once-blind eye to its responsibility to comply with the Endangered Species Act (ESA), and it has farmers raising an eyebrow. Why now? The EPA gets to determine whether active ingredients (AI) could be harmful to ESA species. In the past, they haven’t consistently reviewed the impacts of AIs on threatened […]

Supply Squeeze

New estimates of Florida’s orange crop are not so sunshiney: The USDA is predicting the lowest production figures since 1945. The current estimate is 44.5M 90-pound boxes, down 1.5M from last month’s forecast. Consumers may have to keep their eyes peeled for higher prices in the coming year. What caused this? One notable culprit is a plant disease known as citrus […]

More Autonomous Tractor News…

Uber for agriculture is just around the corner, and Agtonomy is making it happen. Using a mobile phone app, a farmer can assign a job to one of his or her tractors, which is basically like calling an Uber driver to the farm to do the work. As demonstrated by John Deere at CES earlier this month, […]

Cuckoo for Cover Crops

Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack is sending a clear message to America’s farmers: Don’t farm naked—plant cover crops… LOTS of them. At the recent American Farm Bureau Federation convention in Atlanta, Vilsack unveiled the USDA’s plan to double the number of U.S. corn and soybean acres utilizing cover crops. **And the soil health crowd goes wild.** By the […]

Solar Bots for Soil Regen

Aigen’s carbon-keeping, weed-whacking robots just got an extra dose of fuel—and we’re not talking extra fun in the sun. After a $4M seed round, the company’s solar-powered, autonomous robots are on the fast track to help farmers manage weeds and plant propagation down to the individual plant level. The roundup of robotics: Aigen wants to help […]

A Live Look at the U.S.-Canada Border:

Yep, vaccine mandates have plenty of unvaccinated truckers yelling ‘pivot’ at the border. Sour grapes: Approximately 50-60% of truckers in the U.S. are vaccinated, and with Canada’s vaccine mandate that prohibits unvaccinated truck drivers from crossing into Canada from the U.S., shortages are already showing up. Consumers in Canada are seeing the impacts, as some grocery […]

The Bird (Flu) Has Landed

Some fowl news about the most recent bird flu strain making its way around the world… On January 14, the first U.S. case of Eurasion H5 avian influenza was documented in South Carolina by the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service  (APHIS). It’s the first case of its kind since 2016. The culprit? A wild duck (an American […]

TerraMagna Makes It Rain in Funding Round

TerraMagna of Brazil just made it rain in its most recent funding round. The startup secured $40M in debt and equity financing, in a round led by SoftBank and Shift Capital. Background: Farmers don’t have much liquidity and often rely on commercial loans from their input retailers. But not everything is digitized in Brazil, which makes […]

U.S. Cucurbit Growers Getting Squashed

The American squash and cucumber markets might be in a little bit of a pickle, according to a new U.S. International Trade Commission report. Report findings show the domestic market share was sliced, after years of above-average imports of the products from Mexico. While the U.S. market faces high production costs, volatile weather, and pest problems, Mexico has the […]

Meat Plant Mayhem… Again?

At meatpacking plants across the U.S., it’s starting to feel a little too much like deja moo… Who could forget the early COVID outbreaks at meatpacking plants in 2020? Over the first two months of the pandemic, 22 plants closed. One report estimated 59,000 meatpacking employees tested positive: that was nearly 1 in 10 of the workforce. Now, with […]