A Nitrogen Nightmare in the Making?

The American Farm Bureau is waving a red flag on a fertilizer fiasco that could drain U.S. farmers’ piggy banks. The culprit? Potential duties on urea ammonium nitrate solutions (UAN). In early July, CF Holdings, Inc. filed petitions with the U.S. government requesting countervailing and antidumping duty investigations of UAN imports from Russia and Trinidad and Tobago. The […]

Can D.C. Fix Ag Labor?

The struggle is real with the current U.S. labor shortage, and agriculture is certainly not excluded. The sector is feeling the squeeze, and legislators are pushing to reform the guest worker program to help. The issue at hand: the current H-2A guest worker program is structured for seasonal, not year-round, help. A proponent’s point: “Employers in Iowa […]

Frozen Coffee – It’s Not What You Think

Iced coffee picked up a new meaning last week, and not in a good way. Early in the morning on July 20, air temperatures across Brazil’s coffee belt settled at an icy 29 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s the coldest temperature the region has seen since 1994. And just like chocolate milk does not come from brown cows, frozen […]

Senators Take Aim at Corn Ethanol

Corn growers be like, “What just happened here?” A few short weeks after a bullish outlook on the future of ethanol, new legislation now has the corn industry feeling a little sheepish. Refresher: Amid court setbacks less than a month ago that nixed year-round E15 sales and allowed more small refineries to apply ethanol blending exemptions, […]

Forecast Recognition

Iron Man might just have become Climate Man. Robert Downey, Jr.’s venture fund was one of several to take part in a $12M Series A round for forecast-focused startup ClimateAi. The new tech tool aims to help make agriculture more profitable and food systems more resilient through artificial intelligence climate forecasting. Learning about clouds on the cloud: So […]

Animal Ag Serious About Sustainability

Twelve American meat, poultry, dairy, and animal feed and ingredient companies solemnly swear they are up to no good good for the animal protein industry. The companies formed the first joint initiative of its kind, the Protein PACT for the People, Animals, and Climate of Tomorrow. The goal? To “accelerate momentum and verify progress toward global sustainable development goals […]

The West’s Insect Issue

The Western U.S. is facing a drought dilemma of biblical proportions: grasshopper plagues. In large swaths of Oregon, Montana, and Wyoming, as well as some areas of Idaho, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, and Nebraska, the native insects are appearing on the heels of a dry planting season. Grasshoppers and drought go together like PB&J, so the […]

Germany’s (Continued) Pork Problem

Stop us if you’ve heard this before. African Swine Fever (ASF) is stirring up panic in the pork world. Some viruses just won’t take a hint. How it started: Germany has been doing everything it can to keep infections out of its hog herd. They went as far as building fences along their border in an attempt to […]

Ag Data Watch Dogs

Who’s watching your farm data? A better question for farmers might be… who isn’t watching your data? And could NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) be the solution? NFTs allow people to purchase and own “original” data content and are based on blockchain technology. They’re entirely unique and have software code consisting of smart contracts: once one is minted onto a […]

Mic(robes) Drop

Fact: soil health fanatics can be the life of the party. Also fact: soil health fanatics might just be saving the world. Or at least that’s what one Arizona-based soil science startup is trying to do. MyLand is a soil health company that believes “healthy soil gives us healthy food, healthy people, and a healthy planet.” And Canada-based Ag […]