America Has the Meats

Mar 22, 2024

Americans have the meats


Eighty percent of Americans call themselves meat eaters, while 98% of households purchase meat. Households trying to decrease meat consumption have been sliced by 20% compared to 2020.


Those numbers were revealed in “The Power of Meat” report by the Meat Institute and FMI-The Food Industry Association.


Make no misteak: while Americans continue to eat meat, total pounds sold were down for the third consecutive year.


The struggle inflation is real. Since 2019, Americans are spending 32% more on food and beverages than they did before COVID. 


And the steaks are high… literally. In response, consumers have made changes to how they buy their meat. The most popular method was adjusting the quantity they purchased. Some shopped for smaller packages, while others bought in bulk to save money over time.


Biggest spenders? Gen X makes up 32% of retail meat sales. Meanwhile, Boomers buy most frequently at 53 times per year. Millennials are flexing, spending the most on each meat purchase. 


Fun fact: Air fryers are the third most popular appliance for prepping meat and poultry. First and second? The stove and oven. (Makes sense.) 


So here’s hoping that more meat, less inflation, gets cooked up in the next report.

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