BRD Breakthrough

Mar 26, 2024

The cattle industry is beefing up its efforts to fight fatal viruses. 


The rundown: A researcher from Louisiana State University developed a new vaccine to fight against bovine respiratory disease and other cattle respiratory viruses.


Shafiqul Chowdhury, the lead researcher, created the vaccine by genetically modifying bovine herpes virus type one to display protective proteins of other respiratory viruses. The inclusion developed stronger BRD prevention.


Picking up the pieces: BRD vaccines are already commercially available using a modified live BRD vaccine with a “cocktail” of other viruses. Still, one in five infections of vaccinated cattle lead to death. 


Infections of bred vaccinated cows can also lead to spontaneous abortions. Chowdhury says his vaccine eliminates the chance of the virus spreading and circulating in cattle populations and eliminates the risk of abortions through BRD infections. 


Chowdhury says the new vaccine is more cost-effective due to how it’s produced (using and growing just one virus, instead of a mix of multiple). 


Soundbite: “Global population growth and environmental changes mean we must increase the amount of food we produce. This LSU-developed vaccine will help protect the world’s food supply and improve outcomes for cattle producers in Louisiana and nationwide.” — Robert Twilley, LSU VP of Research & Economic Development

Moo-ving forward: Chowdhury has a pending patent for the vaccine after 10 years of development. If acquired, a commercial company that the researchers signed a licensing agreement with will be able to manufacture the vaccine for commercial use. 

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