ADM: Can I Have Flies With That?

Feb 8, 2022

Sometimes we feed our pets better than we feed ourselves, but a new partnership might test that sentiment. And it just might bug you.

French flies: France-based InnovaFeed is partnering with Archer-Daniels-Midland Co. (ADM) in Illinois to provide some tasty treats to Fido’s feed. Tasty, as in—yep—bugs.

You buggin’: The company will produce feed ingredients from black soldier flies for use in pet food manufacturing. This option provides high-quality nutritional value alongside a lower carbon footprint and fewer required acres of land. The U.S. recently loosened its restrictions on allowing the use of the fly in food for dogs.

Head and thoraxes above the rest: ADM will be able to produce 60K metric tons of protein and 20K tons of oils for pet food and livestock, poultry, and fish feed. Not only will the little soldiers be on the front lines of producing food: their waste will also produce 400K tons of fertilizer.

Wings up: InnovaFeed is planning to build a Bug’s Life of a research and development plant located near ADM next year and commercialize the buggy doggo din-din by 2024. Even more, they’re aiming to incorporate bugs into human products like energy bars and sports drinks. Gotta build up our ant-y bodies.