Agronomy Goes Autonomous

Aug 10, 2021

AgroScout, armed with $7.5M in Series A investment funds, is putting autonomous agronomy on the fast track.

Or should we say, flight path.

The Israel-based startup is developing an AI platform that brings sustainable and data-backed farming to growers of all sizes and locations.

How it works: Using autonomous off-the-shelf drones and cell phones, AgroScout monitors crops throughout the season for pests and disease. Better infestation detection means early, reduced, and effective treatment.

It also captures stand counts, canopy coverage, and plant biomass estimates. Data is collected and GPS tagged. Then, analytics—through AI cloud computing and five interlaced data layers—target yield loss.

The drone + platform solution can scan 50 acres in less than 20 minutes on autopilot, while the agronomist sits back until the data comes in. It’s safe to say crop scouting just got sweeter.

The why: The uniquely low-cost, easy-to-use solution could reach nearly all of the 500 million underserved farms around the world. The ultimate goal is an affordable path to sustainable and environmentally-friendly supply chains.

Zoom out: Potatoes are the world’s number-four crop, so AgroScout is focusing there first. There are applications for other field crops, though, and growers can get on the platform through an annual subscription.