Agrotools Adds $21M to Its Toolbox

Jun 10, 2022

Add another tool to your AgTech tool belt.

Agrotools raised a crisp $21M, bringing total company value to nearly $94M. The technology and intelligence company for agribusiness provides remote analyses for managing risks and opportunities, with an emphasis on ag customers in rural areas.

What will they do with the $$? The Brazilian-based company is looking to expand its business in the U.S., Latin America, and other regions. Agrotools will further invest in key technologies including AI, blockchain, gamification, technology democratization, and satellite data sources.

It will also hone in on critical business pieces including cybersecurity and strengthening governance.

They’ve done their homework. Agrotools analyzes more than 1,300 layers of data from multiple sources to provide details on suppliers and customers across a specific rural area to spark competition, while ensuring environmental, social, and governance compliance. It has analyzed more than 4.5M rural territories and monitors more than $3B in commodities with its platform.

What’s in the toolbox? Financial resources, rural insurance, raw materials, input sales, capital markets, and retail opportunities. Agrotools has more than $10B in rural finance portfolios and nearly $20B in monitored agribusiness operations.

Soundbite: “My dream, since the beginning of Agrotools, is to change global agribusiness, bringing to it efficiency and true sustainability,” said Sergio Rocha, Agrotools CEO. “In short, we want to meet the earth’s needs to overcome the climate and food crises, using cutting-edge technology.”