AgTech’s Summer of Lov…err, Acquisition

Aug 27, 2021

Summer is not the time to start a diet. And Semios agrees.

The Vancouver-based precision ag company has spent the summer bellied up to the table in an AgTech consumption spree that would make Joey Chestnut’s head spin.

“We are in building mode,” says Semios CEO Dr. Michael Gilbert. And that’s putting it lightly.

The company has acquired three precision ag firms in the past two months, and they are now positioned to be one of the largest independent AgTech companies in the world.

Loosening the belt: The picnic started in June when Semios bought out Altrac and Centricity— acquisitions that added automation, remote management control, and data-sharing tools to their already impressive smorgasbord of pest management and crop data tools.

But the main course arrived just this week when Semios announced they will be acquiring Australia-based Agworld and the farm management platform the company has been serving up since 2009.

Pacific Northwest growers of more permanent crops—like apples, grapes, pistachios, and almonds—have long been nuts about Semios. But the variety of platforms now amassed by Semios is opening up new opportunities for the AgTech firm: servicing more row crop farmers.

Where this goes: According to Dr. Gilbert, these “combined forces” are certain to result in “increased velocity of our R&D efforts and getting new products to market, benefitting growers who are being tested by mother nature like never before.”