Air Qualitree in Ag

Aug 19, 2022

Silvopasture has farmers and companies alike barking up the right tree.

Silvopasture 101: Being the integration of trees with pastureland, landowners can plant trees on land they graze livestock on for several benefits, including providing shade, improving soil health, creating wildlife habitats, and the big one: generating carbon credits.

Getting poplar: Carbon credits are gaining traction. With companies aiming for net-zero carbon emissions, they offset emissions by buying carbon credits from farmers and ranchers.

Leafing the way: That’s where Working Trees comes in. This new venture got its roots at Stanford University and aims to help measure and sell carbon stored in trees that are planted on pasture—or silvopasture. The technology they use is collected through smartphones and satellite imagery.

Landowners can use the Working Trees app to take pictures of trees on their land, allowing auditors to review the images without visiting the farm in person. Then, Working Trees connects farmers who are generating carbon credits with companies and organizations looking to go green.

Triple win: More trees get planted, farmers get additional income, and businesses can help offset carbon emissions. Working Trees is building a pilot program and wants to hear from ranchers and/or company leaders in the Eastern U.S.