Artificial Intelligence, Genuine Solutions

Oct 25, 2022

AI is taking over the world.

And for agriculture, that may be a good thing.

AI (no, not that AI. We’re talking about artificial intelligence. We know what our livestock friends were thinking…) uses programmed algorithms to “learn” from data, adjusts outputs, and basically… thinks like a human.

Sounds scary. 

But what’s really scary is the fact that over 800M people across the globe go hungry every day.

And thanks to a number of technology advancements (a number that just keeps growing), that’s where AI can step in and help.

Speed dating breeding: By exposing certain crops to some really intense light regimens, NASA is researching how the crop cycle can be significantly quickened… making a second crop a possibility.

So how does AI help? By utilizing already common infrared cameras that can sense the slightest changes in a plant’s physiological response, AI can be used to collect data, make light adjustments, learn from mistakes, and then optimize the light treatment.

Feeling the vibe: By utilizing drone imagery and predicting weather conditions, Microsoft’s Project FarmVibes uses AI to help farmers know exactly what specific crops need exactly when they need it.

Along with a laundry list of other high-tech advancements, FarmVibes could revolutionize the ag industry.

And all of this is just the beginning…

Looking ahead: Change is hard, and in farming, sometimes change is really hard. When you tack that onto high initial investments, implementing new tech comes with major challenges.

But when the stakes are high, rallying around a common cause (feeding the world) is often a necessity.