Australia Right Now:

Aug 2, 2022

There’s an avocado avo-lanche in Australia—a surplus of the produce, measuring 22 avocados per citizen.

How did they get so buried? The past growing season has significantly matured many trees in the Western Australia and Queensland areas in particular. And while there is an Aussie national oversupply, retail avocado prices are $1/avocado, a record low reported by Rabobank.

Aussie farmers increased their avocado tree acres between 2017 and 2019, so avocado production will only continue to increase.

In 2022, they’ll produce 124K tons of the spunky green fruit, up 30K tons from last year. While exports are up 350%, it’s still not enough for the country with lots of guacamole to spare.

In Asia, Australia faces stiff export competition from Mexico and South America. It has very limited to no access to Japan, China, and South Korea, who import the most avocados in Asia. This certainly presents some challenges to their predicted growth.

Zoom out

  • The U.S. produced 206,610 tons of avocados in 2020.
  • The top three global producers are Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Peru.
  • The top three global consumers are the U.S., Mexico, and the Dominican Republic.

Takeaway: If you’re an Aussie, load up on the guac and avocado toast. There’s more than enough for everyone.