Biotech: Big Boost by Big Green Tractors

Sep 23, 2022

It must be payday.

‘Cause InnerPlant just cashed in.

Takin’ it to the bank: InnerPlant, the California-based AgTech startup, just secured a cool $16M in a Series A funding round.

And a high-profile ag industry giant led this round of funding… you may have heard of them.

Nothing Funds Like a Deere: In keeping with their commitment to fostering ag innovation, Deere & Co. forked over mountains of cash because the two companies’ “visions were very aligned.”

Okay, so JD likes them, but what exactly does InnerPlant do?

We’re glad you asked.

Just tell us what’s wrong: Flexing some major biotech, InnerPlant develops genetically engineered crops that will inform a farmer when they’re getting a little stressed out—and “explain” what’s ailing them.

According to InnerPlant CEO, Shely Aronov: “When [plants] are attacked, they have… a biological reaction that protects them.”

Once the plant is stressed, InnerPlant utilizes some stellar genetic coding that will make the plant produce a protein in its leaves.

And what happens? It fluoresces.

Farmers may not be able to see that shine with the naked eye, but a simple filter on a smartphone will make it pop.

Or, fields can be scanned to detect the fluorescent response via drones, satellites, or tractor-mounted sensors.

Yeah… that might be easier.

Farmers then use that biological “cry for help” to make quick crop management decisions. Next steps: InnerPlant will use the extra cash to boost R&D, launch satellites to speak to sensors, and prepare for its first soybean product launch in 2024.