Bird Flu Bloodbath

Jan 26, 2021

Migratory bird patterns have accelerated the bird flu spread across Europe and Asia, and it’s not slowing down anytime soon.

New strains in wild birds upped the deadliness in recent weeks. Here’s a quick roundup of where things stand:

Europe: Battling the spread since November, Germany ordered another 37K chickens to be culled while France’s total slaughtered bird numbers will reach 600K by month’s end.

Middle East: The virus ventured south to Iraq, wiping out 92% of a 69K-bird flock.

South Asia:
 The world’s #6 poultry producer, India, is in the cross-hairs. A $450 million (USD) economic hit is estimated, and chicken prices fell almost a third as consumers become leery of the protein.

East Asia: Possibly facing the worst conditions, Japan and South Korea have collectively culled 20 million chickens since last fall. Precautions for domestic producers are on overdrive to stop the spread.