Carbon Solution Craze Continues

Sep 24, 2021

At least eight companies have launched a carbon credit program in just the past two years. And the carbon solution craze continues.

Most recently? EarthOptics, a U.S. soil mapping startup aiming to reduce farmers’ carbon release, just raised $10.3M in a Series A round. Leaps by Bayer, Bayer’s investment arm, led the charge after EarthOptics went through the company’s startup accelerator program.

EarthOptics does exactly what it sounds like it does: gives farmers the most accurate view of their operations’ soil health, compaction, and carbon content by transforming soil measurement and analysis approaches.

A soundbite: “We think we’re a little bit different because we’re taking a fairly pragmatic approach around measurements,” said Lars Dyrud, CEO at EarthOptics. “We are very interested in soil and think it is the solution to a much more sustainable future for all of us—not just with food, but with carbon as well. The key to unlocking all those future promises is good measurements.”

What’s included in the startup’s scope? Reducing unnecessary tilling, decreasing manual soil sampling, and limiting carbon release.