Cashing In On Cover Crops

Apr 6, 2021

Cover crops are ready for their time to shine, and one startup is doing its best job to make that a reality.

At the intersection of plant breeding and genome editing, CoverCress has created a winter variety of pennycress that’s getting a lot of industry attention.

And this pennycress will be raking in more than just a few pennies…

The winter cover crop can be harvested and processed into high-quality food oil, meal products for animal feed, or even low carbon feedstock for diesel or jet fuel.

Go green or go home: The trendy additional revenue stream has carbon sequestration benefits as well, a timely feature with both the Biden administration and private companies focused on ‘greener’ priorities.

Plus this: Boosted by a ‘Series B1’ round of funding, CoverCress has more than just dollars in the bank. They’ve got value chain buy-in.

Bayer, Bunge, and Renewable Energy Group are all investors, giving CoverCress favorable industry connections across genetics, crushing, and production.

Where this goes: CoverCress is targeting commercial production by fall 2022 with the hope of having 250,000 acres planted in 2023 across the Corn Belt.