Come Together, Right Now, Over Grain

Oct 15, 2021

Bushel, the Fargo, North Dakota-based grain trading platform announced Tuesday they had reached out to ADM and Cargill to say, “I want to hold your hand.” (figuratively)

All you need is collaboration: According to the press release, Bushel has acquired the ADM/Cargill joint venture, GrainBridge. Merging the two grain supply chain platforms will increase collaboration and standardization across the industry while maintaining permission-based data sharing and fortifying relationships between grain elevators and producers.

Soundbite: “This is a win for producers, and it’s a win for our industry,” noted Doug Roose, Vice President of Producer Marketing at ADM

A major goal of the acquisition is to help farmers navigate the long and winding road of grain marketing caused by the constant flux of grain prices.

All my data science, I will give to you: The biggest win for Bushel stemming from the acquisition? Data science. According to Bushel CEO Jake Joraanstad, “Adding the GrainBridge team members to Bushel gives us stronger data science capabilities to provide even better insights from our expanded network.”

And even with the acquisition, those new team members from GrainBridge will get back to where they once belonged—hanging out in the Omaha, Neb., office that will eventually become a second headquarters for Bushel.

Where this goes: ADM and Cargill will soon begin transitioning their customers from Grainbridge to Bushel with a gusto that should make everyone twist and shout.