Deep Freeze on the Farm

Feb 19, 2021

The country’s arctic blast has blasted agriculture this week.

Things have been bitter and intense – in both wind chills and business. Frigid temperatures and heavy snow affected all facets of the industry. Here’s a sampling:

  • Ice warnings and restricted water navigation stalled shipments of corn and soybeans.
  • Meat plants shuttered as livestock transport became difficult, and energy costs soared.
  • Ethanol production halted as natural gas was rationed and blackouts were issued.


Even specialty crops felt the sting.

Texas fruit and veggie producers already branded last Sunday as the St. Valentine’s Day massacre as over 40 crops were hit by the hard freeze.

Add in a power grid problem: Because of the overwhelming demand for gas and electricity to heat and power homes, farms, and businesses, supply got so low (like the temperature) that rolling blackouts were issued across Texas.

Why you gotta be so cold: This cold snap could show its face on the list of 2021’s billion-dollar weather events. The damage will be assessed for weeks to come.