Ecto Goes Fishing, Catches $7M

Oct 19, 2021

Ecto has o-fish-ally raised $7M in its Series A funding round—led by Rabobank’s venture fund and Aqua-Spark, with new investor Seventure Partners joining existing investors Yield Lab and Vodia Ventures.

Ecto, a U.S. company founded in 2013, is the creator of software for aquaculture.

Did you know…? For three in seven people, fish is their main protein source. Aquaculture is a $264B/year industry, so Ecto has a real oppor-tuna-ty to help producers.

How it works: Ecto CEO and co-founder Dmitry Kozachenok said this new software is a digital decision support platform that makes production more e-fish-ent and sustainable by using aquaculture industry data, driven by machine-learning algorithms and science-based biological insights.

Diving deeper… Ecto’s software ties in with more than 100 data sources in the value chain and uses multi-generational data to build models for early detection of patterns linked to bio risks. It also considers environmental factors in critical production phases.

Soundbite: By connecting disparate data, our platform has the ability to discover patterns previously invisible to producers and reduce preventable losses, thereby increasing output without putting any new fish in the water,” Kozachenok said.