Elanco Elevates Carbon Capturing

Mar 8, 2022

In case you’ve been distracted by recent headlines (Olympics, Super Bowl, Russia and Ukraine… it’s been a busy month), we’re bringing back some news on a hot topic (pun intended): climate change.

Specifically, the challenges of curbing emissions and increasing proper nutrition for the world’s population—all while the clock ticks.

Sounds daunting. But Elanco is grabbing the bull by the horns with a suite of new carbon tools aimed at creating value for cattle producers. The offerings include:

Insights engine: Measuring progress is step one towards certifying and monetizing carbon reduction. Elanco’s UpLook analytics platform is fueled by the company’s Knowledge Solutions Portfolio. It’ll predict greenhouse gas emissions, pinpoint key drivers of a producer’s environmental footprint, and help cattlemen outline actionable steps towards more sustainable operations.

Marketplace money: Elanco’s also investing in Athian, a startup that wants to help cattle farmers capture and claim carbon credits. They would use UpLook to certify GHG reduction and carbon capture.

Athian will also aggregate data for producers and create a carbon credit marketplace, which would keep credits with cattlemen rather than filtering them to other industries.

Overarching outreach: The Leave it Better initiative is a program for Elanco’s sustainability outreach. On the docket? Producer education, innovation, and partnerships.

An example of one such partnership is the Ducks Unlimited-Elanco effort to revitalize grasslands for the USDA’s State Acres for Wildlife Enhancement program.