Farm Management Gets More Intelligent

Apr 12, 2022

ICYMI… farm operations are getting a whole lot more intelligent, with the $1.36M in seed financing IntelliCulture just secured to grow its farm management platform.

Backstory:  IntelliCulture uses IoT devices compatible with a plethora of farm machinery types to collect data for its reporting and software. With this information, IntelliCulture’s product provides insights on spray coverage, operational health, and labor management. 

Services are provided with an annual subscription on a machine by machine basis. 

Work smarter, not harder. Producers across North America, including both small family farms and Fortune 500 wineries, use IntelliCulture. Ideal customers have more than 10 machines owned/operated by families, but conduct larger operations.

Soundbite: “There’s a million and one challenges out there,” CEO Cole Powers said. “Biggest one is just trying to keep up, but that’s why we’re raising capital… We’ve got a [number of] future requests that we want to build out for our growers.” 

The funding will help Ontario-based IntelliCulture support its expanding list of customers and double its team from 8 to 16. 

Powers said the company’s primary focus is vineyards, but they’re looking to expand to high-value crops including cherries, apples, table grapes, and tree nuts. From there, they hope to increase their business with leafy green producers.