Feed from the Sea

Jun 11, 2021

The seaweed is always greener in somebody else’s feed rations.

A new startup out of Sweden, Volta Greentech, is raising money ($2.07 million so far) to construct a facility that will produce seaweed with hopes to reduce methane emissions from Swedish cattle.

Algae philosophy: While the talk of using seaweed as cow feed isn’t necessarily a new concept, there’s a specific strain of algae showing a lot of potential in reducing cows’ carbon footprint.

The red Asparagopsis taxiformis variety has shown an impressive reduction in cattle methane emissions – as much as 80% – by blocking enzymes that produce methane in the rumen.

Low-carbon cows: The beef and dairy sectors are saying, “We sea you. And we like you.” They’re hoping to utilize the seaweed feed supplement, which would allow them to market their products as “low carbon.”

The seaweed factory: The seaweed production facility will commercially launch the supplement Volta Seafeed later this year, the first time it’ll be produced at scale.