Food Waste Goes Micro

Jul 15, 2022

Big problems require big small solutions. When it comes to food waste, GoMicro is tackling the problem by simply scaling down.

The South Australian startup has developed a phone app called SpotCheck, which is used with a magnifier that attaches to a phone. It captures images of fresh foods and assesses their ripeness or spoilage.

Soundbite: “We can assess the ripeness or spoilage of fruits and vegetables with an 86-to-99% accuracy, measured in days,” said GoMicro CEO and founder, Dr. Sivam Krish.

The best part? The microscope is a $1 solution to a $1T food waste problem.

How it works: Behind the scenes, GoMicro is working to re-invent both the microscope and the process for developing artificial intelligence (AI). Their technology puts the pedal to the metal on AI training.

Usually, thousands of images are needed to train AI apps, but they can make it happen with less than 100.

It all comes down to the company’s lab-quality imaging conditions, which make high-quality technology accessible to anyone. It’s captured some big-name awards already, including winning the Bayer Grants4Ag competition.