Herd Notebooks Be Gone

Feb 16, 2021

U.S. ranchers can wave ‘bye-bye’ to those handwritten herd notebooks.

AgriWebb, a ranch management software, is placing roots in North America with a new HQ in Denver.

The AgTech ranch hand’s profile:
→ Born in Australia in 2014 and valued at $76 million.
→ Branches in Sydney and London (and now Denver!) with boots on the ground in South Africa, Brazil and Ireland.
→ 14 million head of cattle on the app with $23 million to spend on global domination.

The software helps ranchers digitize inventory, pasture management, treatment records, feed costs, and fertility rates.

And it’s not just saving cowboys from carpal tunnel.

Globally, producers have notched a 7.5% uptick in productivity found through weight gains, fertility, and other data-driven decisions. Savings have summed up to $50K and 200+ hours for producers.

What’s next: After gaining market share in the U.S., investments in additional individual animal management platforms and carbon footprint tracker tools are on the docket.