Intel for the Carbon Bandwagon?

Sep 28, 2021

Intelinair is feelin’ fair after closing on a sweet $20M in Series B funding.

Intel for ag: Former Dow AgroSciences CEO and current board member Tim Hassinger deems the startup a data analytics company focused on agriculture. The company’s AGMRI platform runs drone, satellite, or fixed wing aircraft pictures—at 10 cm resolution—through 52 different patterns to ID an agronomic issue. The farmer then receives an alert, hoping to catch a small issue before it becomes a big problem.

The startup is no small potatoes, either. Nearly 5M revenue-producing acres are currently covered by Intelinair. That’s expected to jump to 8M over the next year as the company sharpens positioning, messaging, and sales processes.

A soundbite: “Not only does Intelinair provide vital agronomical insights to growers, a $15B opportunity, but it also identifies actionable opportunities and provides tools to facilitate the decarbonization of the planet and drive sustainability and efficiency of food supplies, a global imperative,” said Bill Wisialowsi, managing member of Regulator Group, LLC.

Where this goes: Short-term growth plans include hiring a handful of additional leaders by the end of the year. Then, the company sees two scalable pillars to the business: carbon measurement and aggregated data intelligence for non-farmers (read: traders, governments).

The company is cautiously optimistic that they could be the carbon intel behind marketplaces and other opportunities as the industry solidifies.