It’s Electrifyin’

Aug 17, 2021

Before we even get started… don’t try this at home.

Last week the startup Nitricity bolted onto the scene with the close of a $5M seed round led by Energy Impact Partners.

How it works: Nitricity produces nitrogen fertilizer directly at the point-of-use through a proprietary system with solar-powered plasma cells. Nitrogen is fixed from the air and combined with other nutrients to make products including nitric acid and calcium nitrate. This can tie in directly with the farm’s irrigation system for precise applications.

So long story short… it’s lightning in your next fertilizer application.

Plus, it’s good for the environment. Most fertilizer today is produced with coal and natural gas, then makes its way through an expansive supply chain, emitting carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide into the air.

But the Nitricity process uses only water, air, and electricity, and can eliminate up to a gigaton – yes, that’s a thing – of carbon equivalent per year.

Soundbite: “Nitricity creates fertilizers that are customized for fields and farmers, rather than optimized for factories and freight. Electrifying and decentralizing fertilizer production will provide farmers a better product, reduce emissions, and improve safety. It’s as simple as that,” said Nico Pinkowski, CEO and Co-Founder of Nitricity.