Land ‘O Modern Broadband

Dec 7, 2021

For our readers living in the country, butter your buns and get ready for broadband because Land O’ Lakes is on a roll.

Butter together: The co-op—more than 1,600 dairy farmers strong—rings in its 100-year-old birthday with a big $65B broadband funding win, part of the $1 trillion infrastructure package.

Algorithms & agriculture: Land O’Lakes CEO Beth Ford says AgTech is key to farmers’ long-term survival. And thanks to the immense grassroots advocacy campaign they led, Congress and the Biden Admin are chipping in and recognizing the need for high-speed connection to power precision ag tech.

Why the urban/rural digital divide: Placing fiber in rural areas is not easy or economical for wireless providers, hence the shortfall. They have to navigate the challenging terrains (try lakes, forests, and mountains).

Unlike in the city, houses are spaced miles apart, which can drive the cost of laying fiber to an average of $40,000 per mile.

No farmer left behind: If you are one of the estimated 60% of U.S. farmers who don’t have sufficient broadband access to run a business, check this hotspot map created by the American Connection Project to see if there’s a connection near you.