Making it Rain: WaterTech Startup Lands Funding

Jul 26, 2022

Where’s the water?

Irrigation accounts for 70% of total global freshwater use. The UN is forecasting a 40% shortfall in freshwater resources by 2030. That presents a real problem.

Irrigation innovation: Enter Lumo. Lumo is a smart-irrigation startup looking to address water use efficiency through technology. Their solution: smart valves and software.

How it works

  • Individual smart valves with built-in flow meters connect to a cloud-based network
  • The Lumo system can fully automate irrigation timing and regulate precisely how much water goes to each individual row
  • Health check – the system can automatically detect and report any leaks or blocks in the lines

Winning with water: Lumo announced that it has raised $2.1M in pre-seed funding led by Fall Line Capital to help scale and commercialize its smart-irrigation systems.

Soundbite: “Water is one of our most critical resources in agriculture. Yet, very few companies are tackling the problem in a practical and scalable way. The Lumo team’s unique blend of hardware and software expertise will enable them to engineer irrigation controls that optimize for reliability and deployment.” Baptiste Tellier, Fall Line Capital director

Where this goes: In the future, Lumo has the potential to be a leading organization in developing a digital water record that could be used to unlock enhanced water reporting and trading on a global scale.