Mega Pep for Micropep

Jul 12, 2022

Micropep has a little extra pep in its step after closing an $8.9M extension of a Series A financing round led by Fall Line Capital.

A noble cause, Micropep is here for the future of agriculture by embracing the potential of micropeptides.

Micro, what? Micropeptides are short, natural peptide molecules that target and regulate plant genes and proteins. Micropep is using them to create the next wave of biological crop protection.

On the cutting edgeMicropep uses AI, computer science, plant biology, and peptide chemistry to choose and develop the very best micropeptide candidates. Their current focus is resistant pathogens and weeds.

Tell us more. Micropep’s method “makes it possible to precisely regulate a plant’s gene expression, without altering its DNA, by the exogenous application of micropeptides, a family of proteins naturally produced by plants to respond to stress and regulate their development.”

This funding round boosts Micropep’s expansion into the U.S. and brings Micropep closer to the commercialization of its products.

Soundbite: “Micropep is building for them [farmers] a revolutionary toolbox of micropeptide-based solutions to first control resistant weeds and diseases. Our unique approach could open new frontiers in crop protection the same way RNA technology did with vaccines,” said Micropep CEO and co-founder, Thomas Laurent.