Milk’s Chill Factor

Apr 20, 2021

Milk’s got more going for it than just a mustache these days.

The backstory: With 67% of adults concerned about their stress and anxiety levels, mental health has become a mega-focus.

And as Americans look for new ways to manage stress naturally, one dairy duo is ready to serve them a new-age, scientifically-backed snack.

Stress-snack on this: milk phospholipids.

Launched by dairy ingredient-solutions brand NZMP and backed by colossal dairy cooperative Fonterra, the new products – think snack bars and stir-in powders – use naturally occurring lipids in milk to help consumers manage stress, stay focused, and feel positive. The effects are clinically proven.

A soundbite: “By extending our portfolio into the mental wellness space, we’re helping food brands tap into new consumers’ needs, such as mood-enhancement and cognitive performance under stress — issues that have recently amplified due to the pandemic.” noted Charlotte Ortiz with Fonterra.

Plus this: For Fonterra, it’s a strategic way to put its 4.5 billion gallons of milk to work in an era when global fluid milk consumption is declining while brain-boosting and energy-enhancing foods are on the rise.

Where this goes: Lipid-loaded nutritional bars, ready-to-mix powders, and supplement sachets are launching into the active lifestyle market in the very near future.