New Kid on the Livestock Block

Mar 12, 2021

Farmers Business Network (FBN) is going all-in on animal health and nutrition.

With this week’s acquisition of Prairie Livestock Supply, the independent farmer-to-farmer network also launched FBN Pharmacy and FBN Feed. The goal? Provide more choices for livestock producers via a digital marketplace.

A soundbite: “Improving both the producer economics and environmental sustainability of livestock is the best way to ensure farms are family-run for generations to come. FBN is now uniquely able to do both,” says Charles Baron, co-founder of FBN and the company’s VP of livestock.

The expansion is a natural step for the historically crop-focused company. The animal angle aligns with +50% of FBN’s existing members who are also livestock producers.

The deets:

  • FBN Feed: Dry feed, liquid supplements, lick tubs, and nutritional support will all be available on the platform.
  • FBN Pharmacy: A full catalog of drugs and supplies will be complemented with some regions gaining access to vet-supported services through a partnership with Southwest Veterinary Services.

Products and services are transparently-priced and designed to have a high ROI, targeting farmers experiencing squeezed incomes.

Zoom out: The ‘Amazon of agriculture’ has been busy at work beyond just strategic animal agriculture moves. Their launch of the Gradable Carbon program is another recent move into the competitive carbon credit ecosystem.