Not Your Average Milk-Making Method

Mar 16, 2021

Scientists in the Land Down Under may soon be putting your morning glass of milk under a lot of pressure.

The rundown: Naturo, an Australia-based company, just received the go-ahead to begin processing milk using the Haelen technique–an “alternative treatment to pasteurization of raw milk.”

The new method allows the milk to chillax under extreme pressure…killing harmful pathogens without turning up the heat.

To give you some context:

  • 161˚F for 15 seconds: The industry standard for traditional milk pasteurization.
  • 284˚F for 2 seconds: The industry standard for Ultra Heat Treatment (UHT) milk processing.

The best thing since pasteurization: Naturo founder and CEO Jeff Hastings is calling Haelen “the biggest breakthrough in the global milk industry since pasteurization in 1864.”

Since it’s not subjected to traditional heat treatment, researchers tout that the milk will have higher levels of B-vitamins and essential enzymes while maintaining its natural flavor.

Oh, and this: With Haelen killing more germs than pasteurization and UHT, the milk will stay fresh longer…like, way longer. It’ll stay delicious in the fridge for at least two months.

Where this goes: Naturo says Queenslanders can expect to get their first glasses of the “Wholey Milk Company” brand early this year, with plans to expand to the international market in 2022.