On the Verge of Full Tractor Autonomy

May 3, 2022

“These tractors drive themselves these days.” – Almost. 

With $7.5M in a Series A funding round led by Yamaha Motor Ventures, a Canadian startup is on the verge of making truly fully autonomous farm equipment a reality.

Farm simulator—but in real life: Verge is a Canadian software developer focused on creating the world’s first AI-powered interactive software that helps farmers plan, simulate, and validate their equipment’s movement in the field so they can streamline their field operations.

Don’t sit idly by: Verge aims to improve equipment efficiency by increasing machine utilization rate, reducing idle time, and saving on fuel costs. Growers can pre-plan all their field operations to reduce in-field decision-making and save time.

I-digital twin: Following the latest raise, Verge Ag is developing the digital twin of the farm that will help growers plan field operations, thanks to digital characterization of fields, terrain, water flow, and operational windows.

Soundbite: “We are developing a solution that helps farmers manage their land and equipment to efficiently and remotely execute field operations, enabling farming to be truly autonomous,” said Ryan Johnson, CEO of Verge.