Potato King Purchases AgTech Tool

Jul 5, 2022

One Canadian potato power player is breaking into AgTech.

McCain Foods has purchased Resson, a “vision intelligence technology” firm that develops algorithms to forecast yields through remote sensing. The company enables farmers to make better informed decisions, leading to improved productivity from every acre of a farm.

Not your average acquisition. A food processor purchasing a crop-focused tech company isn’t necessarily the norm, but the move has been a long time coming. The companies have already been working together for the past nine years, developing algorithms that work towards increasing production efficiencies.

McCain’s M.O.: A farm-level focus isn’t new for McCain. They experiment with lots of technologies at their Farms of the Future site in Florenceville, New Brunswick. The company also pledged that 100% of its potato acreage (~149K global hectares) will be grown using regenerative agriculture practices by 2030.

Soundbite: “The acquisition is pivotal to McCain Foods’ innovation agenda and our ambition to use digital technology to transform agriculture,” said Jillian Moffatt, the group’s chief technology officer. “The technology provides productivity enhancement to farmers and food processors by leveraging actionable insights from their field data to make predictive decisions that improve long-term yields and profitability

More to come: The Resson team will fold into the greater McCain team, creating a new business unit to continue developing new technologies for detecting pests, disease, and other crop metrics.