Regrow that Carbon Cash Flow

Aug 20, 2021

Regrow, the ag software startup, raised $17M in Series A funding to help roll out its carbon sequestration monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV) tool.

Who’s at the table: Microsoft’s venture unit M12 was back after an initial investment in the company. Cargill (agribusiness giant), VC Ajax Strategies (climate-focused), and VC Tenacious Ventures (Aussie agrifoodtech) also threw in some chips this round.

Regrow sprouted from two ag sustainability startups, FluroSat and Dagan, this February. The ag carbon market software space is getting crowded fast with competitors like CIBO, Indigo, and Nori. But Regrow says they have something the others don’t: objectivity.

Keep the $$$ out of it: Mixing MRV capabilities with the carbon market itself creates conflicts of interest, according to Regrow CEO Anastasia Volkova.

So instead, Regrow powers the sustainability programs of key players without deciding on the price of the credit or making the payment.

A-B-C, easy as M-R-V: Regrow cuts verification costs using integrations with farm management systems, satellite imagery, and Dagan’s signature Operation Tillage Information System (OpTIS). These tools map out cover cropping and tillage verifying to supplement farmer records—without the need for manual checking.