Seeing $$$ With Seaweed

Dec 18, 2020

Researchers have their eyes on expanding the $6 billion seaweed market.

A partnership in New Zealand with the University of Waikato is looking to magnify the potential of the green microalgae.

Asian markets have swallowed up the supply of red and brown seaweed for decades, but the green variety is relatively unknown. Typically seen as the slimey pest that wraps around your ankles during a beach vacation, the ‘sea lettuce’ is now getting some attention.

“We’re researching commercial applications of seaweed and potential ways to use macroalgae and their extracts for agricultural, human and animal health, and materials science applications,” noted seaweed biologist Dr. Marie Magnusson.
The goal: Find life science applications that involve fighting infections for humans, plants, and animals. After that, commercial green seaweed cultivation can become reality and ocean farms will allow for ramp up of production.