SupPlant Pours a Tall Glass of Water

Mar 25, 2022

Bring it on, climate change.

An irrigation tech startup is about to serve up another dose of high-quality H2Whoa.

Show me the money: SupPlant, the Israel-based irrigation-tech company, just secured $27M in a Series A funding round led by Red Dot Capital. This boost brings the startup’s total funding up to $46M to date. 

So… who’s SupPlant? Based in Tel Aviv, SupPlant uses “plant sensing, AI, and accumulated data [to] provide farmers with climate-adaptive practices, insights, and actions that drive better decision-making.”

And they’ve got a bold vision: “Digitally inform every irrigation decision on earth.” 

How it works: Using sensors on the leaves, fruits, roots, and other areas of the plant, SupPlant collects plant measurement data every half-hour and sends that info to the farmer. Utilizing this information, farmers can then give plants the right amount of water at just the right time.

The goal? Optimal water usage, better yields, and insulation against climate change.

And it’s needed. With heat waves and extreme drought plaguing vital growing regions across the world, precise water usage is a must moving forward.

Where they are: Highlighting success stories with 31 different crops in 14 different countries, SupPlant is already revolutionizing irrigation and water conservation tech.

Where they’re going: Multiple plant-sensor solutions may not be feasible for Earth’s 450M smallholder farmers, but SupPlant is not leaving the little man behind.

By expanding their platform’s sensor-less version, SupPlant will use regional growing conditions data to provide small farmers with irrigation recommendations—starting with 1M of them across Africa and India… this year alone.