Taranis Tackles Crop Analysis with $40M

Sep 13, 2022

Investors were throwing hundreds, hundreds at Taranis during the AI-powered crop intelligence provider’s Series D $40M funding round.

The cash will enable the company to create new technologies to verify and validate carbon markets.

Taranis tackles crop analysis by leveraging leaf-level imagery and a huge AI system, supported by the largest crop dataset in the industry with more than 200M AI-data points to identify weeds, diseases, insects, and nutrient deficiencies.

Agronomists receive the valuable insights from Taranis and deliver them to growers. Most recently, Taranis was able to deliver findings straight to growers and retail crop consultants, escalating decision-making.

“This doesn’t replace scouting, it just makes it better,” said Taranis Chief Commercial Officer Mike DiPaola. “The technology is creating the ability for retailers to focus on relationships and provide a new solution at scale.”

Funding efforts were led by European climate tech fund Inven Capital, followed by Seraphim Space Investment Trust and Farglory Group, who were new to the crew. The latest round brings total funding to $100M.

Soundbite: “Technologies that facilitate crop intelligence and agricultural carbon credits such as Taranis’ solutions have large-scale potential to improve sustainability and enduring prosperity. We are excited about the impact they will have in the local communities they serve, and to support them in their mission,” Petra Sokolová, Investment Manager at Inven Capital said.