The Buzz Around Beewise

Apr 5, 2022

Investors are buzzing about Beewise, contributing $80M to its latest funding round.

Beewise, an Israel-based company with operations in Sacramento, sells solar-powered, robotic Beehomes that use software and AI to protect bees from pests and harsh weather conditions.

Global crops valued at $20M annually depend on bees for their success. Recently, honeybee colonies have decreased by more than 30% each year. Diseases, pests, chemicals, and climate change are all contributing factors to the demise of the honeybee.

Enter Beehomes, which protect bees from fires, flooding, and Asian wasps, while keeping them thermally regulated and ensuring they stay fed when forage is unavailable, through feeding technology. Beehomes are proprietary robotic beehives with 24/7 monitoring and smart technology that increase pollination capacity by detecting threats and issuing an appropriate automatic robotic response in real time.

By the numbers…


  • Reduce bee mortality by 80%
  • Increase crop yields by at least 50%
  • Eliminate approximately 90% of manual labor vs. traditional beehives

Beewise was founded in 2018. Today it manages more than 7B bees and has saved more than 160M bees during the past year. The $80M Series C round brought the company’s total funding to more than $120M.