Vilsack’s AGenda

Mar 2, 2021

With a smooth sailin’ confirmation vote last week, Tom Vilsack is back in the saddle as the USDA chief.

A big ag agenda ahead of the returning Secretary of Agriculture, we’re turning to his soundbites to highlight his ‘Urgent & Important’ to-do list items…

Climate Change
There’s an opportunity for us to create new market incentives for soil health, for carbon sequestration, for methane capture and reuse. It has to be structured and devised and designed in a way in which the principal beneficiaries are farmers.
*Speaking to the focus of farmers on carbon-related programs.

[Ahem, China, ahem]
The good news is – China seems to be living up to its responsibilities. The bad news is: At any point in time, because of the complex nature of the China-U.S. relationship, things can happen that might affect those purchases.

*Noting the current state of China’s commitment to importing $173.1 billion in ag goods despite pandemic headwinds.


Minority Farmers


We need to take a much deeper dive into USDA programs to determine if they contain systemic racism or barriers — intentional or unintentional — that make it difficult for people to access programs.
*Speaking to equity trends and expanding minority producer’s access to credit.