We’re Sensing A Trend

Dec 17, 2021

We’re sensing new agricultural companies poised to help the future of agriculture technology.

And we’re not pretending to have a sixth sense: we’re talking about AgSensor Solutions and Zyter, Inc.

Help this make senseAgSensor Solutions doesn’t make sensors; they help creators of sensors. The new platform company is a collaboration among AGD Consulting, LogiSync, and Tallgrass Technology Partners—all aiming to help strategize and advance agriculture technologies.

Sensor development, as described by AgSensor Solutions, is “nasty, brutish, and short.” Since Internet of Things (IoT) technology in sensors is rapidly growing, the company wants to create a systematic process to aid agriculture applications’ progress—from idea to prototype to commercialization.

Knocking some sense into agriculture: Zyter, Inc., a company based in Maryland, leverages the same IoT technology to help farmers make smart crop management decisions.

They announced Zyter Smart Agriculture™, a platform that uses IoT sensors to capture data, which is analyzed by Artificial Intelligence (AI). The tech uses sensors placed in the ground and throughout the farm to help gather data on soil health and weather measurements.