New Water Data on Tap

Feb 13, 2024

CropX Technologies is pairing up with Reinke Irrigation for a new partnership to bring Xtra irrigation data to farmers.


Reinke Direct ET by CropX has more than just a long name. It’s a sensor-based system that offers Actual Evapotranspiration (ETa) measurements at the field level.


Actual data: CropX is also launching its Actual ET sensor, which can be installed in any field. This sensor works with CropX’s soil sensors and agronomic farm management system to give farmers an overview of water usage and availability.


No mo’ math: The new products will deliver measured values directly to farmers, bypassing manual calculations that have been required in the past. Accurate ETa readings allow farmers to tap into their crops’ water needs so they can make informed irrigation decisions.


The daily insights from Reinke Direct ET can help farmers figure out when to irrigate and how much water is needed. Armed with this data, farmers can operate more efficiently.


Soundbite: “Precision agriculture is crucial for modern farming. This collaboration with Reinke Irrigation allows us to deliver solutions that help farmers optimize their water usage. Our new Actual ET devices can ensure pivot and non-pivot growers can access the same level of detail,” said CropX CEO Tomer Tzach.

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