New York’s Beef with JBS

Mar 5, 2024

New York is suing JBS for being the Big Bad Apple in the fight for reducing global greenhouse gas emissions.


What’s the beef? New York state’s attorney general accused the meatpacking giant of misleading the public about its climate goals. 


The suit argues that JBS’s climate pledges of having net-zero emissions by 2040 are deceptive because the company has “no viable plan” to meet its goals. 


Soundbite: “Families [are] willing to spend more of their hard-earned money on products from brands that are better for the environment. JBS USA’s greenwashing exploits the pocketbooks of everyday Americans and the promise of a healthy planet for future generations.” – New York Attorney General Letitia James


Climate conundrum: JBS has applied for a listing on the New York Stock Exchange for years. However, the Securities Exchange Commission has cautioned against a public listing due to accusations that the company’s practices have led to deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest.


JBS denied any wrongdoing. The company said it will continue its commitment by partnering with farmers and ranchers to feed a growing world population while “using fewer resources and reducing agriculture’s environmental impact.”


If found guilty in court, the civil lawsuit requests that JBS pay up to $5,000 per violation in each state.

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