Short Corn Packs a Punch

Feb 6, 2024

Dynamite comes in small packages—which can be true with new seed technology.


What’s poppin’? Purdue University’s Innovates Office of Technology Commercialization issued an exclusive license for short-statured corn to Ag Alumni Seed. Except it only applies to popcorn.


The specific seed variety, D16, was developed through inbreeding proprietary seeds for a decade. It was done without introducing foreign DNA into the corn to create a GMO variety.


Packing a punch: Researchers found that the stunted variety has advantagesover traditional corn. The stalks are less likely to break and more likely to perform better in severe conditions. They also have a lower risk of contamination.


Soundbite: “Smaller corn can improve sustainability by allowing farmers to grow more plants per hectare, increase yield, and use water and fertilizer more efficiently.” — Jay Hulbert, president and CEO of Ag Alumni Seed


Ag Alumni Seed plans to fast-track new hybrid plant development with the shorter feature.


Where this goes: Hulbert says the company will evaluate the hybrids for the next few years. The new licensing of the hybrids is the next step toward commercialization.

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