Soil Data Gets Series B Funding

Feb 27, 2024

DNA analysis is all the rage these days—from uncovering long lost cousins to decoding your dog’s real breed. Trace Genomics, now armed with $10.5M, aims to bring DNA sequencing technology to ground level through soil testing for better yields and environmental sustainability.


Series Big $: The funding round, led by S2G Ventures, Ajax Strategies, and Rabo Ventures delivered beyond expectations. Trace Genomics plans to convert the funds into commercial availability, which will give more agronomists and farmers access to its tech.


The Trace tech: Metagenomics give farmers a peek below the soil’s surface. Through understanding the DNA of soil organisms, farmers can understand soil health, get ahead of potential diseases, and dig into soil fertility. Trace Genomics can help farmers grow more with less.


Soundbite: “Their innovation provides deep soil insights, fostering sustainable crop production and improved decision-making across the agricultural value chain. Trace Genomics empowers farmers, manufacturers, and agronomists with better risk assessment and demand forecasting, leading to enhanced yield and cost management,” said S2G Ventures Managing Director Cristina Rohr.

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