The Future of Soybean Farming by Meristem

Mar 12, 2024

The future of soybean farming is now. In what’s being called an “agricultural breakthrough,” the EPA has given Meristem Crop Performance a “go!” on its BIO-CAPSULE TECHNOLOGY. 


This tech pairs METALAXYL ST fungicide with biocontrol PREPHYTE ST. The combination will provide more effective seed protection without liquid treatments—which means co$t $avings. In fact, this new treatment could make traditional liquid treatments a thing of the past completely.


Soundbite: “We feel we can save American farmers up to 50% if they simply buy their soybean seed naked and treat it at the planter.” — Mitch Eviston, Meristem Founder and CEO


Eviston referred to metalaxyl as today’s “gold standard” fungicide for keeping multiple species of pythium and phytophthora in check.


One of a kind: According to Meristem, this is the first and only product U.S. soybean farmers have access to that will control damping-off diseases. This will keep the good microbes healthy and ready to protect the seed.

Big deal: The EPA’s approval is a huge deal for soybean farming domestically. Promising cost savings, higher yields, and environmental benefits, this could completely change how we grow soybeans today. Everyone is eager to hear how the technology performs this growing season.

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