WeedOut Goes Green

Mar 1, 2024

WeedOut is going green, green with cash, and green with weeds.

The Israel-based company completed its Series A funding, bringing in $8.1M to further develop its green solution to herbicide-resistant weeds.


WeedWhat? Drawing inspiration from insect sterilization techniques introduced in the 1940s, WeedOut has developed a proprietary sterile weed pollen that develops nonviable seeds, thus preventing a new generation of resistant weeds.

They are the first to try the sterilization technique in plants.


Target: WeedOut announced Palmer amaranth as their first target. Palmer amaranth is considered a major nuisance in the US, invading fields of corn, cotton, soybeans, and sugar beets. The weed has been a growing concern for farmers as standard herbicides no longer control it.


Soundbite: “Evolution is always smarter. The weeds learn ways to evade the effects of the herbicides. But WeedOUT is applying an entirely new, green approach that targets the reproductive system of resistant weeds and will provide a sustainable, long-term solution.” Efrat Lidor Nili, co-founder and co-CEO of WeedOut.


Who’s In: Investors include some big names such as Bunge Ventures, Fulcrum Global Capital and Clay Capital. WeedOut has also received grant funds from the Israeli Innovation Authority.

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